Interactive Learning Manager

TITLE:                Interactive Learning Manager

DEPARTMENT:  News University

FLSA STATUS:    Full-Time, Salaried, Exempt

REPORTS TO:     Vice President of Business & Finance and Director of Training & Diversity


The Interactive Learning Manager is responsible for the oversight of Poynter’s teaching that is presented through the Institute’s online learning portal, NewsU. Working closely with the Vice President of Business & Finance and the Director of Training & Diversity, this individual is in charge of identifying key trends in e-learning, implementing new and existing instructional design techniques into the curriculum, leading the NewsU staff in setting teaching goals, and identifying and implementing appropriate projects and delivering teaching to various Poynter partners. The Interactive Learning Manager will work cooperatively with the Director of Training & Diversity to identify and recruit expert instructors.

The Interactive Learning Manager is responsible for creating a customer-oriented business model for future of e-learning at Poynter in collaboration with management.


  • Works with the President, Vice President, and Director of Training & Diversity to set and execute the strategic vision of Poynter’s e-learning platform. In doing so, consideration must be given to: Who’s our audience? How do we grow revenue and participation? What’s the necessary course mix? Who are our competitors, and how do we differentiate? How do we teach across different digital platforms?
  • Works with the President and Vice President to establish annual goals for course participation and revenue.
  • Develops and implements e-learning strategy for NewsU in collaboration with management.
  • Provides direction and leadership to NewsU staff.
  • Sets curriculum goals with Director of Training & Diversity, develops courses and meets stated deadlines.
  • Identifies key e-learning trends and implements them into new curriculum.
  • Manages Poynter’s ecosystem for e-learning including adept use of the learning management system.
  • Fosters collaboration among the NewsU team and across the rest of the Institute.
  • Develops and administers the NewsU annual budget.
  • Works with outside contractors and internal developers to keep the site running.
  • Ensures quality.
  • Recruits and coordinates contract instructors.
  • Coordinates with marketing to get audience for courses and fulfill revenue goals.
  • Analyzes the site data to understand customer needs and trends as they emerge.
  • Teaches online, custom and in-person courses based on expertise.
  • Other duties as assigned.


SUPERVISION RECEIVED: The Vice President is responsible for monitoring Interactive Learning Manager’s progress and performance and will conduct the annual performance review.

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: The Interactive Learning Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the department and supervision of NewsU team.


INTERNAL: Works closely with all departments within the Institute.

EXTERNAL: Numerous partners, from course authors, foundations, course partnerships and journalism schools and universities. In addition, Interactive Learning Manager will work with other organizations that want to develop partnerships with Poynter NewsU’s e-learning courses.


KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS: A college degree is required for this position. A strong understanding of effective online teaching and/or online communication are a must. Experience in instructional design and implementing new forms of learning is required. Person in this position must have strong written and verbal skills. Experience with CMS and LMS platforms is needed. WordPress experience a plus. Person should have familiarity with best practices of U.S. journalism skills and ethics. Ability to move to Tampa Bay.

PROBLEM SOLVING/DECISION MAKING: The Interactive Learning Manager must have the ability to make good decisions that benefit the Institute’s long-term strategic goals.

BUSINESS MEASURES: Outcomes are measured by their impact on Poynter’s overall strategy, specific department goals and the effectiveness of Poynter NewsU courses in helping Poynter’s core audience improve their skills and work.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Position requires sitting for extended periods, while at the computer and answering and placing telephone calls. Requires moving throughout the building and occasionally to outside business offices. Requires ability to work duplicating machine and other office equipment. Requires ability to communicate with other individuals (written and verbal) both inside and outside the Institute.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Position duties are performed primarily in a general office environment. There are routine deadlines, disruptive work schedules and unpredictable events. On occasion, this person may be required to travel on behalf of the Institute.


No phone calls, please.    

Position is in St. Petersburg, FL.

Salary depends on qualifications.

Send cover letter and resume via email to

Deadline to apply extended: February 10, 2019

Start date for this position is March 2019.