Senior Editor

About us:

The WorldPost, a collaboration of the Berggruen Institute and The Washington Post, commissions writers, photographers and videographers from around the world to produce op-eds, features and videos on international affairs.

The WorldPost magazine (name yet to be announced) will launch in December 2019. It will be the print publication of the institute, consisting of the best content of The WorldPost each year, with an emphasis on new long-form essays and some artwork. Many of these essays will be by Berggruen Institute fellows. In addition, the magazine will include some long-tail op-eds and reported features.

Job description:

The WorldPost seeks a senior editor to help commission and edit long-form essays for the magazine and to help develop and coordinate the magazine’s print layout and distribution model. Candidates should have at least five years editing experience, preferably editing long-form essays, and be well versed in international affairs. This full-time position is based in our Brooklyn office, operating Monday-Friday, with a competitive salary and benefits package.


Work closely with the deputy editor and executive editor to:

· Edit long-form essays ranging from about 2,000 to 5,000 words

· Backfield, sometimes significantly reworking or asking for rewrites or additions

· Commission influential contributors to write long-form essays

· Assign and stay on track of deadlines

· Help coordinate the magazine’s print layout

· Help develop the magazine’s distribution model

· Edit op-eds, video scripts and reported features

· Write sharp heds and deks

· Strategize with the audience growth editor on how best to promote each piece


~5 or more years of experience as an editor

~Knowledge of foreign affairs

~Strong writing and communications skills

~Bachelor's degree


~Experience in print media

~Knowledge of philosophy

~Knowledge of Chinese politics/culture

~Fluency in foreign languages


Please send a resume and cover letter — combined as one document if necessary.