Multi Media Reporter

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Begin a career you are proud of as aMulti Media Reporter
What do we offer you?An opportunity to diversify your portfolio with print and digital storytelling opportunitiesTools to perform your job to the highest potential, including training and up-to-date technologyFlexible scheduling and competitive payGreat company benefits, including medical, dental, life, PTO and a 401K package.
What is it like to work for us?As a community-minded company, we aim to connect with - not just report on - the communities we serve.We focus on what it takes to make you successful in your job, preparing you to inform and engage with an active audience.As part of a family-owned business, you will develop strong team-building and family-like relationships with co-workers.
Qualified candidates should:Have strong two-way communication skills, oral and writtenHave a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in journalism or a related fieldBe familiar with pagination software, photography techniques and social media trendsBe able to manage time and effectively multi-task
Apply today!Email with resume, cover letter, and writing samples
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