Team Journalist(s) Intern

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Responsibilities: Write and edit game recaps, press releases, and feature news articles. The individual's primary duty is to attend each home and away game, and immediately after the conclusion of the ballgame, is responsible to write a comprehensive recap for timely publication on both the team and the league (NECBL) websites. For away games the individual will be expected to accompany the team on its bus. At times game day story will also be sent to other local media for publication (print and on-line). In order to complete duties, the individual must have strong communication skills (oral and written), and must be dependable and prepared. The individual will be required to meet and conduct interviews with team personnel throughout the season, including coaches, players and Danbury Westerners board members. The individual should obtain, understand and utilize current and historical statistics to augment articles as needed. Other duties include the writing of press releases and coverage of special events (e.g., the team's annual "Celebrity Breakfast"), and work with the Social Media Coordinator to provide updates about the team through outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition, if time permits the individual will be requested to assist the organization in the spring through the writing of press releases as ballplayer signings are announced, and provide/ edit content for the team's yearbook.