Editor & Project Manager, Video Strategy

The Poynter Institute is looking for a creative digital storyteller with leadership chops to build video strategies at three pilot newsrooms to better reach young audiences.

The editor and project manager will work with three local news organizations across the country over 12 months to create low-cost, engaging social media video specifically tailored to younger audiences.

How that specifically plays out will depend on the partner newsroom. In some cases, you may act as a consultant guiding the local partners on the ground as to best practices. At other times, you might be writing scripts or addressing the technical or logistical challenges of the local partners. And still at other times, you’ll be working with the marketing teams of the local partners on engagement strategies for the content you are creating.

Put simply, the best person for this position is someone who can work well with teams remotely, has a strong background in video and can adapt based on the situation. You’ll manage the project and another employee who will assist the project with script writing, strategy and video editing.

A bit about the logistics of the job: This position is funded by a grant for one-year, and we’re looking to have someone in place in September (so apply now!). We strongly prefer a candidate who can work from Florida (either at our offices in St. Petersburg or remotely somewhere in the state) or at our offices in Washington, D.C. The pay for the position is $70,000, and includes benefits.

A bit more about the responsibilities:

  • You’ll be expected to travel to the three partner newsrooms at the start of grant to inventory their needs brainstorm content formats with publishers and with young audiences in the community;
  • You’ll be expected to work with the local newsrooms to develop testable video content, particularly on YouTube;
  • You’ll iterate that video content based on feedback;
  • You’ll develop and launch a marketing and social engagement plan for publishing partners;
  • You’ll help execute in-person events to increase reach and audience;
  • And you’ll build templates and a playbook for local publishers to continue to carry out this work after the grant expires.

Who’s a good fit?

  • Someone with experience managing a project or leading a team;
  • Someone who has a background in video, whether editing, on camera or strategy;
  • Someone who can travel to the local newsrooms for up to a week at a time;
  • Someone who understands YouTube, and how young audiences consume information there.


Send resume and cover letter to hiring5@poynter.org.

Deadline to apply: August 30, 2019


No phone calls, please.