Investigative Reporter/Coordinator

St. Louis is a city with one of the highest homicide rates in the country. It's next to a county (also called St. Louis) that has 88 cities, many of which have depended on fines and parking tickets for their revenues. It's in a state in which the former governor stepped down after months of allegations of misusing campaign funds and possible sexual abuse.

In other words, the St. Louis region is a great place to be an investigative reporter and St. Louis Public Radio, an NPR member station, is looking to hire one.

We're looking for an investigative journalist who can wear two hats: reporter and coordinator.

The investigative reporter/coordinator will spend half their time doing their own investigative journalism. The other half of the time, the reporter/coordinator will assist other reporters on their short- and long-term investigations, serve as adviser and facilitator and help with the leg work.


The ideal candidate must have at least five years experience in a newsroom and have bachelor's degree in journalism or a relevant subject. What's more, the ideal candidate is:

  • Fluent at using sources, documents, computer-assisted reporting, and other journalistic tools to develop, report, write and produce exclusive, impactful stories and investigative projects.
  • Able to work with others regardless of skill level, demonstrating patience while pushing for excellence.
  • Someone who possesses excellent writing skills with an ability to think creatively about telling stories for the web.
  • Knowledgeable at conceptualizing and applying data visualization techniques.
  • Able to meet deadlines, respond to editing and adapt to new work situations, people, ideas, procedures and organizational structures.
  • Successful candidates will exhibit maturity, reliability, composure and stability under pressure. They understand and abide by a high standard of professional ethics.

If you already have audio skills and are able to code, that's fantastic, but it's not a requirement for the job. 

In your cover letter, please pitch us a story you think needs exposure and give us a sense of how you would go about investigating the issue. St. Louis Public Radio is a service of the University of Missouri - St. Louis. In order to be considered for this position, you must visit UMSL's employment site and complete an online application. Job ID: 31325.