Platform Publisher, Music

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Global Tech Company is looking for a Platform Publisher to join the team!

Job Summary:
We're looking for a Platform Publisher to program, QA, and publish digital content assets, for content and campaigns across a global online store offering music, books, apps and more. The Platform Publisher will also support an enhanced focus in music as a specialist for Platform Publishing.

The Platform Publisher works closely with Editorial, Creative, and Production teams to manage, assemble, QA, and publish digital content assets across desktop, TV+, and mobile devices. An expert across our back-end content management systems (CMS) as well as our front-end client featuring apparatus, a Platform Publisher collaborates with local editorial to advise on what's possible, test new approaches, and guide teams to successful solutions. With a unique view into many concurrent projects, an effective Publisher is able to provide a service akin to an air traffic controller, deploying current updates while simultaneously queuing up future initiatives. Thorough and robust Staging/QA efforts ensure our campaigns are timely and error-free and preserve a high-quality customer experience. Increasing organizational efficiency, and maintaining featuring accuracy, a Platform Publisher fills a key role in safeguarding the integrity of the Media Products ecosystem.

This will be a non-traditional 40 hrs/week: Weds - Sun.

Key Qualifications:
• You must have a minimum experience of 3 years with web-based Content Management Systems
• You show familiarity with bug tracking/ticketing systems
• You exhibit a strong attention to detail, and enjoy developing operational efficiencies
• You have experience working directly with editorial teams as well as Creative teams
• You communicate clearly and effectively across multiple partners at all levels of the company
• You are comfortable setting and enforcing deadlines, and managing workflows
• You're proactive and solutions oriented, always driving toward a better process for yourself and the team at large
• Experience with music content is a plus.
• A knowledge of HTML/CSS/Perl/PHP/Python is a plus
• You are well versed in pop culture, media, and are passionate about entertainment.

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