Chief of Content, Editor-in-Chief

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The Salt Lake Tribune, Editor-in-Chief

The Salt Lake Tribune, Inc., the nation’s first legacy newspaper to receive tax-exempt, non-profit status, is seeking an editor-in-chief to direct reporting and writing of news and commentary for readers in an adventurous endeavor that will be underwritten by a sustainable business model.

Think of it as a 150-year-old start up – with attendant restructuring challenges, risks and rewards. The new Tribune ought to display both daring innovation and traditional comfort elements that accompany the legacy of the state’s most trusted news source.

The editor-in-chief will report to The Tribune’s community-based Board of Directors. The EIC will have day-to-day authority over the content of news on all platforms. Additionally, this individual will be expected to engage with Utah residents and communities.

The successful applicant must have common sense journalistic values, an innovative and successful track record with digital/print news operations, keen managerial and editing instincts, an appreciation of in-depth and watchdog journalism and the self-confidence to oversee a pattern of growth and excellence in general sync with the Board of Directors.

The board seeks an editor-in-chief who provides leadership, directs a daily news content that grows the product, who commits to diversity and who embraces the informational requirements of a healthy democracy.

The editor chosen must possess an understanding of Utah’s unique culture, history, environment, trends, narratives, and its current and future problems.

Given the importance of this position in moving The Salt Lake Tribune forward in a sustainable manner, the board seeks to have an editor-in-chief in place by mid-November. Thus, time is of the essence.

If interested, send a resume, cover letter stating why you seek this job, additional material you deem relevant, and three professional references by September 24, 2020 to: Pam Bailey, 500 Huntsman Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108  or