Staff Writer

Voice of San Diego is seeking a reporter to investigate and explain environmental, land use and water quality issues in the San Diego region. San Diego is at a crossroads with growth, and major upcoming decisions will define the region for decades. The region is also wrestling with many water-related questions, from the crisis of border sewage to the effort to recycle water and manage sea-level rise in coastal enclaves. Unincorporated areas are weighing contentious development plans. The region faces overwhelming risk of major wildfires every year at increasing frequency. And there are many stories we don’t know about involving environmental issues of inequity and injustice. Come help us find them.  

We run a pioneering nonprofit news organization that stands for, among other principles, a "high-quality education for all kids." It's our belief that accountability journalism is a necessary piece of infrastructure of a well-functioning city. Yet even in this large city, San Diego, and this diverse region, there are far too few journalists focused on schools, youths and inequality in educational systems. This writer would need to build a knowledge base rapidly and over time maintain several investigations. Along the way, we expect shorter-term explanatory work and analysis stories, and biweekly newsletters with items of interest and updates to ongoing storylines.

Voice of San Diego has been an innovative investigative, nonprofit news organization for more than 14 years. Our writers have the freedom and responsibility to tackle the biggest issues we come across. We believe San Diego is strong enough to face its most uncomfortable and intractable problems. But we also seek to educate, enlighten and entertain readers who care about San Diego's future and seek an excellent and just government.

See our Guidelines for New Reporters for more about our unique approach.

Please submit a resume, cover letter, and three writing samples to apply.