Editorial writer and Columnist

The San Antonio Express-News is seeking an editorial writer and columnist to join our editorial board.

We are looking for a writer who can deliver strong opinion pieces with grace and nuance, fostering community dialogue while moving the needle on local and state policies. This is not a job to simply opine, but to engage.

Applicants should have at least five years of news reporting experience, and strong preference will be given to those with demonstrated backgrounds in opinion writing.

Ideal candidates will have a knowledge of Texas politics and a love for South Texas. They won’t be content to simply riff off news events, or to frame subjects in partisan terms. Instead, they will steep their work in original reporting to bolster arguments, promote solutions, shape policies and hold public officials accountable for their words and actions. They must be able to balance daily editorials with long-term projects and a weekly column.

Editorials are collaborative, reflecting the views of the institution. This means sometimes writing editorials you might personally disagree with or, at least, incorporating dissenting views into the piece. But there will always be an opportunity to reflect one’s personal views in a column.

Demeanor is key. Members of our editorial board frequently appear at community forums and sit on panels, and they also must be savvy on digital platforms and, of course, respectful of opposing views.

San Antonio is a vibrant and fast-growing city with no shortage of local issues to tackle, and we look forward to hearing from enthusiastic applicants from all backgrounds and ideological perspectives.    

Please send a resume, cover letter and work samples to Editorial Page Editor Josh Brodesky at jbrodesky@express-news.net.